Hi Martin,

You are correct in that there is no C++ API to create an external link. We have 
not had the resources to
implement all C APIs in C++.

You can use the H5Lcreate_external C routine to create an external link.  You 
must pass in both a link creation and a
link access property list identifier to H5Lcreate_external. Those property list 
identifiers  can be obtained with C++
calls. For example:  lcpl.getId().


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Hello from Copenhagen all,

I'm from Tobias' group here at ESS data management.
Ran into a bit of an interesting problem. We want to create an external link to 
a different data file, as defined in the C API here:
But we want to do this using the C++ API. I can find ways to create hard and 
soft links, as described here:
but there doesn't seem to be any implementation for creating external links in 
C++? What gives?

Cheers :)
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