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Dear all,

I hope I am referring to the correct hdf community.

I recently attempted to install parallel hdf5-1.10.1 from source in
cygwin and stumbled into a SIG_SETMASK undeclared error during make.

In general I tried to follow the instructions from

First I run the c version of the Sample_mpio.c and I suppose it worked:
Proc 2: all tests passed
Proc 3: all tests passed
Proc 1: all tests passed
Proc 0: all tests passed

Then I tried:

CC=mpicc ./configure --enable-parallel --enable-shared

and then make

but at some point it exited with this

"SIG_SETMASK undeclared ... #define HDsigsetjmp(J,N)  sigsetjmp(J,N) ... in 
expansion of macro ..."


the problem is not due to the --enable-parallel

Trying to rebuild the serial 1.8.18 I see the same issue,
so it is likely a consequence of changes in the cygwing headers.

Since there are no separate instructions for cygwin, like for the serial case, 
I thought it might be an issue of cygwin. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I will look on that, but it could be in September

One last question about the installation is szip. I built from source into the 
home folder but I have not changed any path variables. Will hdf be able to find 
it or is it not important?

I use Windows 7 and cygwin 2.8.2.

Any help would be appreciated.

With kind regards,

Konstantinos Syranidis


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