lujie created HDFS-13451:

             Summary: Fix Some Potential NPE
                 Key: HDFS-13451
             Project: Hadoop HDFS
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: lujie

We have developed a static analysis tool 
[NPEDetector|] to find some potential 
NPE. Our analysis shows that some callees may return null in corner case(e.g. 
node crash , IO exception), some of their callers have  _!=null_ check but some 
do not have. In this issue we post a patch which can add  !=null  based on 
existed !=null  check. For example:

callee BlockInfo#getDatanode may return null:
public DatanodeDescriptor getDatanode(int index) {
    DatanodeStorageInfo storage = getStorageInfo(index);
   return storage == null ? null : storage.getDatanodeDescriptor();
it has 4 callers, 3 of them have \!=null checker, like in 
DatanodeDescriptor datanode = blockInfo.getDatanode(i);
if (datanode == null) {
but in caller NamenodeFsck#blockIdCK have no \!null checker, we add checker 
just like CacheReplicationMonitor#addNewPendingCached
DatanodeDescriptor dn = blockInfo.getDatanode(idx);
if (dn == null) {
But due to we are not very  familiar with CASSANDRA, hope some expert can 
review it. Thanks!!!!

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