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    Hi All,
       The community unanimously voted (https://s.apache.org/HDDSMergeResult) 
to adopt 
    HDDS/Ozone as a sub-project of Hadoop, here is the formal vote for code 
    Here is a quick summary of the code changes:
    - As decided in the JIRA HDFS-10419, the project has been renamed to Hadoop 
Distributed Data Store or HDDS.
    - HDDS becomes a sub-project of Hadoop.
    - Added a Maven profile that disables HDDS compilation by default.
    - The releases of HDDS will be independent of Hadoop and will have no 
impact to current Hadoop release process.
    - We have made HDDS a loadable module.
    - Cleaned up changes in HDFS/Hadoop Common to make sure HDDS does not 
impact current users of HDFS.
    The vote will run for 7 days, I will start this vote with my +1.
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