LiXin Ge created HDDS-347:

             Summary: Ozone Integration Tests : 
testCloseContainerViaStandaAlone fails sometimes
                 Key: HDDS-347
             Project: Hadoop Distributed Data Store
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: LiXin Ge

This issue was finded in the automatic JenKins unit test of HDDS-265.

 The container life cycle state is : Open -> Closing -> closed, this test 
submit the container close command and wait for container state change to *not 
equal to open*, actually even when the state condition(not equal to open) is 
satisfied, the container may still in process of closing, so the LOG which will 
printf after the container closed can't be find sometimes and the test fails.
    try {

      File containerFile = getContainerFile();
      // update the new container data to .container File

    } catch (StorageContainerException ex) {
Looking at the code above, the container state changes from CLOSING to CLOSED 
in the first step, the remaining *updateContainerFile* may take hundreds of 
milliseconds, so even we modify the test logic to wait for the *CLOSED* state 
will not guarantee the test success, too.

 These are two way to fix this:
 1, Remove one of the double check which depends on the LOG.
 2, If we have to preserve the double check, we should wait for the *CLOSED* 
state and sleep for a while to wait for the LOG appears.

 patch 000 is based on the second way.

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