Istvan Fajth created HDDS-2114:

             Summary: Rename does not preserve non-explicitly created interim 
                 Key: HDDS-2114
             Project: Hadoop Distributed Data Store
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Istvan Fajth
         Attachments: demonstrative_test.patch

I am attaching a patch that adds a test that demonstrates the problem.

The scenario is coming from the way how Hive implements acid transactions with 
the ORC table format, but the test is redacted to the simplest possible code 
that reproduces the issue.

The scenario:
 * Given a 3 level directory structure, where the top level directory was 
explicitly created, and the interim directory is implicitly created (for 
example either by creating a file with create("/top/interim/file") or by 
creating a directory with mkdirs("top/interim/dir"))
 * When the leaf is moved out from the implicitly created directory making this 
directory an empty directory
 * Then a FileNotFoundException is thrown when getFileStatus or listStatus is 
called on the interim directory.

The expected behaviour:

after the directory is becoming empty, the directory should still be part of 
the file system, moreover an empty FileStatus array should be returned when 
listStatus is called on it, and also a valid FileStatus object should be 
returned when getFileStatus is called on it.



As this issue is present with Hive, and as this is how a FileSystem is expected 
to work this seems to be an at least critical issue as I see, please feel free 
to change the priority if needed.

Also please note that, if the interim directory is explicitly created with 
mkdirs("top/interim") before creating the leaf, then the issue does not appear.

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