Hi Tim,

Let me know if you find the event manager docs lying around anywhere. I 
think I was able to work out a bit of it.

CSR_CAS_BUTTONS_EV_STATUS register is 1 when the button is being pressed 
and goes back to 0 on release.

CSR_CAS_BUTTONS_EV_PENDING register starts off at 1 when the board is 
started. Writing 1 to any bit sets it back to 0. If the button is pressed 
it goes back to 1 and stays at one till it's written to again. I'm not sure 
if it should be 1 on boot, I would expect it to be 0 till the button is 
pressed for the first time.

I can't work out what CSR_CAS_BUTTONS_EV_ENABLE is for. I can read and 
write to it and just keeps whatever value I give it. But the other 
registers function the same no matter what value is in this one. I'm 
thinking maybe it's for enabling interrupts? Not sure how I could test that 


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