On 8/11/2016 9:21 PM, Henry B (Hank) Hotz, CISSP wrote:
> I can get Heimdal 1.6 to work with some fiddling. 
> There doesn’t seem to be a 1.7 branch in GIT. 

Nor will there be.  The next version will be 7.0 but when using Git
there is no benefit to branching until there is a separation between
master and what is going to be tagged.  Since there is no such
separation, there is no branch.

> The bleeding-edge version doesn’t seem to be usable.

Usable for what?

The master branch is in production at a number of sites.

> Since I believe there are people on this list actually doing development on 
> Heimdal, where are you doing it? 

I assume that depends on the developer.  AuriStor Inc builds master on
recent 64-bit Linux under Coverity nightly.  I also periodically build
Windows and periodically on Solaris.

> I’ve tried the latest Debian and NetBSD versions and get fairly similar 
> issues with configure and m4. Both of their package systems seem to install 
> autotools without installing all the dependencies that are actually required. 
> The auto-tool-chain seems to hide error messages that might tell me what’s 
> missing (like gcc!!).

Is that a Heimdal problem?

> I hadn’t planned on needing to debug things at this level, but I did want 
> something that would work on a BeagleBone or Pi.
> Assuming I can spend some time on this, what would it take to make the latest 
> version at least minimally usable?
> Is there no longer a build farm?

There is no build farm.

> Are we missing someone to apply patches?

Nico, Viktor and I have been applying patches as we have time.

We don't have a lot of time.  Heimdal has no dedicated development or
release management resources at the moment.  That said, we are doing our
best to move towards a release candidate as time permits.

If there are problems on master, report them via GitHub with a
reproducible test case.  Better yet, propose a fix.

Jeffrey Altman

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