Ken Hornstein <> writes:

> Normally, end users (people who just build software) should not have to
> run any of the Autotools suite.  The idea is that the distribution will
> already have the generated scripts, so all you do is just run the
> generated configure script.  The problem here is that since Heimdal
> doesn't have a new release (see previous discussions) no one has built a
> distribution in a while, and people who want to built from the git tree
> (normally only developers) then have to run the Autotools suite.  (Some
> people put the autotools-generated scripts under revision control, but
> personally I think that's a bad idea).

> But the situation has a relatively simple solution; you can run the
> autotools on ANOTHER machine, and then build a distribution tarball with
> "make dist"; that will make a distribution tarfile with everything
> pre-generated so you don't need any of the Autotools suite.  (Heimdal,
> it turns out, not only requires Autotools but a JSON perl module just to
> generate the tar file).

Yeah, basically this comes back to the same (and well-known) problem that
Heimdal is long overdue for an actual release that people can just build
and use without having to understand the development model or how to work
with a Git clone.

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