"Roland C. Dowdeswell" <roland.dowdesw...@twosigma.com> writes:

>       A team consisting of staff from Two Sigma Open Source and AuriStor
>       is starting the release process for Heimdal version 7.  We have
>       changed the version of the master branch to 6.99.1 which will be
>       considered our beta.  During the beta period, we will be fixing
>       remaining issues.  In addition, we are asking for the community to
>       submit any final patches or bug reports before the 1st of
>       November.

>       We expect to publish the first release candidate on or near the
>       11th of November.

That's great news!

There is some possibility that will be fast enough to allow reintroduction
of Heimdal into the next stable release of Debian, depending on how fast
the release candidate process converges in a stable release.  However,
it's going to have to be fairly quick, since the window for making it into
a stable release is rapidly closing.

November 5th is the start of stretch transition freeze, after which major
transitions have to be coordinated with the release team.  Reintroduction
of Heimdal will probably not qualify as a transition because Debian is
currently dropping Heimdal entirely from the distribution.

January 5th is the soft freeze, beyond which new packages cannot be
introduced into Debian stretch.  This is probably the last possible date
for Heimdal 7 making it into the next Debian stable release.  If there is
no stable release of Heimdal (with security support) by this point, and
more realistically several weeks prior to this for people to package it
(assuming the Heimdal packaging team in Debian is still willing to package
Heimdal), Debian stable will ship without Heimdal.

Note that I just removed the Heimdal PAM module from Debian unstable and
testing with an upload today.  I won't want to reintroduce this until
there is a stable and security-supported release of Heimdal packaged for

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