On 12/29/2016 1:56 PM, Ted Creedon wrote:
> ./configure --with-berkeley-db  --with-x  --enable-pthread-support 
> --enable-kcm 
> compiles & passes make check on SUSE Leap 4.2
> However the -aklog switch isn't working.

There is no -aklog switch.   I suspect you mean -afslog.
> Cab someone verify  the specifiv krb5.conf swirches to enable afskog?

I sent a summary of the options in response to your query on the OpenAFS
mailing list.

As for adding "kinit -afslog" support to the test suite, that is hard
because AFS should not be a requirement for building and testing Heimdal.

The Heimdal afs functionality is fragile.  Perhaps it should be replaced
with executing aklog as a child process.  That approach has the
following benefits:

1. Heimdal developers do not need to maintain AFS specific code that
   they cannot easily test.

2. The tokens that are obtained will match those that the installed
   AFS client can support

3. It will work on operating systems such as Windows which do not use
   the pioctl interface that Heimdal carries support for.

Jeffrey Altman

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