> We are new to Heimdal and are trying to figure out setting up Heimdal with 
> PKINIT. A quick Google search
> pointed me to this site 
> ( but I failed 
> to get a > ticket with certificates. It will be greatly appreciated if you 
> can point me to some instructions.

It could be useful to show some of the command line(s) used! Some error 
messages will also help!

We use this cmd line, which works fine:

                kinit -C FILE:bin/testuser.pem,bin/testuserkey.pem

> Secondly, we want to use ECC certificates for PKINIT. Is there a list of 
> supported curves for the crypto library

> Heimdal is using? It seems like it is not using openssl.

Who (or What) is not using OpenSSL?

This may (or may not) give us a clue:

    rsa: hcrypto ltm RSA
    dh: hcrypto ltm DH
    ecdsa: ECDSA_METHOD-not-export
    rand: ok

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