"Henry B (Hank) Hotz, CISSP" <hbh...@oxy.edu> writes:

> Shut down all daemons on the master.

> hprop --decrypt --stdout | hpropd --stdin

> Restart all daemons.

You probably also want to shut down incremental propagation while you do
this.  I think this should force a full resync when the slaves reconnect,
but it would be a good idea to thoroughly test the replication behavior in
a test realm before doing this in a production realm.  I forget how it
deals with a complete database reload; I think it's supposed to do
something sane, but that would be the component that I would worry about.

Note that you will need to manually copy the new master key to the slaves
before they'll be able to replicate.  Also don't forget to keep the old
master key around for the length of your backup retention so that you
don't invalidate your backups.

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