On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 10:21:13AM -0400, Thomas M. Payerle wrote:
> My experience is that ipropd-slave will try to apply the change log
> sent from the master, but if it cannot for some reason, it will ignore
> the change but bump the database version (and log a warning/error in
> its logs).

I believe that's true.  It should probably trigger a full prop instead.
Perhaps it should schedule one for later so as to prevent a tight loop
of full props if some bug could trigger repeated failures to apply

I've opened issue #269 for this on github.

>             There are pros and cons of that behavior; briefly it makes
> the ipropd service more "robust" but also means that if one is not monitoring
> the logs the DBs can get out of sync.

I think it's just not robust.


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