I am trying to run kadmind using Heimdal 1.5.2 (delayed from moving to more recent version by technical issues).

I use this to start the service:

/usr/lib/heimdal-servers/kadmind --keytab=/etc/heimdal-kdc/kadmin.keytab --config-file=/etc/heimdal-kdc/kdc.conf --debug

When I run a kadmin command from another server this is the error that shows up in the logs:

017-03-25T16:31:13.895643-07:00 kerberos-qa1 kadmind[1667]: Miscellaneous failure (see text) 2017-03-25T16:31:13.895733-07:00 kerberos-qa1 kadmind[1667]: Failed to find kadmin/ad...@stanford.edu(kvno 1) in keytab FILE:/etc/krb5.keytab (aes256-cts-hmac-sha1-96)
2017-03-25T16:31:13.895932-07:00 kerberos-qa1 kadmind[1667]: gss error, exit

Why is kadmind looking at /etc/krb5.keytab when I specified the keytab file with the --keytab parameter?

Thanks, Adam Lewenberg

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