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> And in particular, "service accounts" (service principals) generally have
> random keys generated by cryptographically strong PRNG.  They are typically
> (on Unix systems) not and should not be "password based".
> Now it is true that in Active Directory various services (SPNs)
> require domain a password for their domain account (there are
> no "keytab" files on Windows).  It is up to the domain administrator
> to configure strong random passwords for such accounts.
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>       Viktor.

In Heimdal that’s kadmin add —random-key . . .  Don’t use kadmin add 
—random-password unless the (small) number of characters is OK for your 

In MIT it’s kadmin addprinc -randkey.

Now for my question: In Windows it looks like you should be able to do 
something similar with “ktpass /pass +rndpass . . .”, but I’ve never been able 
to get that command accepted. Under what conditions does that option work?

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