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> And there are no KDCs configured in /etc/krb5.conf for the realm that
> you are querying, you will use DNS SRV RRs.  And, we think that once you
> have retrieved hostnames from DNS SRV RRs that they should be looked up
> only in DNS and not subjected to search lists and the like.

I’ll grant that this is a level of detail which standards don’t address, and 
where consensus may legitimately be impossible. FWIW my opinion is that an SA 
responsible for deploying/testing a machine may know nothing about krb5 config 
files, but need to point at a different infrastructure. 

For the scenario you describe where RRs are necessary, the poor SA will be very 
surprised if his entries in /etc/hosts are ignored. He will be especially 
surprised if the OS has an nsswitch.conf and he has put hosts before DNS.  (I 
might even have run into a scenario like that on Solaris 9, but I never 
completely debugged it so I’m not sure.)


I assume you at least have code in there to sort the RR entries by 
priority/weight before using the optimistically-provided A/AAAA records.

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