On Fri, 15 Dec 2017, Mark Foley wrote:

> I've just downloaded and am building the heimdal 7.5.0 release. For what I 
> want
> to do (SASL and GSSAPI) I need to compile SASL against the Heimdal libraries 
> and
> headers. I've been advised that I need the heimdal-dev package. Are these
> libraries and headers included in the 7.5.0 build? If not, are they on the
> https://www.h5l.org/ somewhere, or do I have to find the dev package 
> elsewhere?

If you are building heimdal from source you will have includes and libraries
ready for use. "-dev" packages is just some kind of artificial construct
used by some Linux distributions.

Marcin CieĊ›lak

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