My 7.4.0 kdc (running on FreeBSD 10.3) having been running after few days
it stops accepting requests.

As it turns out the main process is waiting on wait4():

[Switching to LWP 101828 of process 8498]
0x000000080204f64a in _wait4 () from /lib/
(gdb) bt
#0  0x000000080204f64a in _wait4 () from /lib/
#1  0x0000000801d5a0dc in ?? () from /lib/
#2  0x0000000000403c7b in reap_kid (context=0x803c18180, config=0x803c280c0, 
pids=0x803c22070, max_kids=2, 
    options=0) at connect.c:1029
#3  0x00000000004033bb in start_kdc (context=0x803c18180, config=0x803c280c0, 
    argv0=0x7fffffffef10 "/usr/local/libexec/kdc") at connect.c:1179
#4  0x00000000004075e1 in main (argc=2, argv=0x7fffffffed50) at main.c:176
(gdb) info thread
  Id   Target Id         Frame 
* 1    LWP 101828 of process 8498 0x000000080204f64a in _wait4 () from 

but there is no child process, because it has crashed.

I found a core file that says:

Core was generated by `/usr/local/libexec/kdc --detach'.
Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
#0  0x0000000801286820 in der_length_general_string (data=0x18) at 
209         return strlen(*data);
(gdb) bt
#0  0x0000000801286820 in der_length_general_string (data=0x18) at 
#1  0x00000008011f9aed in length_Realm (data=0x18) at asn1_krb5_asn1.c:783
#2  0x000000080122b001 in length_KRB_ERROR (data=0x7fffffffdb10) at 
#3  0x0000000800cfbc5f in krb5_mk_error_ext (context=0x803c18180, 
    e_text=0x800852c5b "No client in request", e_data=0x0, server=0x803c1f5e0, 
    client_realm=0x18, client_time=0x0, client_usec=0x0, reply=0x7fffffffe4f0) 
at mk_error.c:85
#4  0x0000000800839d35 in _kdc_fast_mk_error (context=0x803c18180, 
    error_method=0x7fffffffdf40, armor_crypto=0x0, req_body=0x7fffffffe0e8, 
    e_text=0x800852c5b "No client in request", error_server=0x803c1f5e0, 
    error_client_realm=0x18, csec=0x0, cusec=0x0, error_msg=0x7fffffffe4f0) at 
#5  0x000000080083f0bf in _kdc_as_rep (r=0x7fffffffe0b8, reply=0x7fffffffe4f0, 
    from=0x803cbb7bc "IPv4:", from_addr=0x803cbb730, 
datagram_reply=0) at kerberos5.c:2230
#6  0x00000008008511ed in kdc_as_req (context=0x803c18180, config=0x803c280c0, 
    reply=0x7fffffffe4f0, from=0x803cbb7bc "IPv4:", 
addr=0x803cbb730, datagram_reply=0, 
    claim=0x7fffffffe454) at process.c:77
#7  0x0000000800850c34 in krb5_kdc_process_request (context=0x803c18180, 
    len=113, reply=0x7fffffffe4f0, prependlength=0x7fffffffe514, 
from=0x803cbb7bc "IPv4:", 
    addr=0x803cbb730, datagram_reply=0) at process.c:208
#8  0x0000000000405f29 in do_request (context=0x803c18180, config=0x803c280c0, 
buf=0x803c06c00, len=113, 
    prependlength=1, d=0x803cbb700) at connect.c:435
#9  0x00000000004050c0 in handle_tcp (context=0x803c18180, config=0x803c280c0, 
d=0x803cb8000, idx=44, 
    min_free=45) at connect.c:834
#10 0x0000000000404472 in loop (context=0x803c18180, config=0x803c280c0, 
d=0x803cb8000, ndescr=48, 
    islive=6) at connect.c:955
#11 0x000000000040344e in start_kdc (context=0x803c18180, config=0x803c280c0, 
    argv0=0x7fffffffef10 "/usr/local/libexec/kdc") at connect.c:1190
#12 0x00000000004075e1 in main (argc=2, argv=0x7fffffffed50) at main.c:176

Seems like I keep getting interesting "requests" from outside.

113 bytes from the "buf" - frame 7 look like this:

0x803c06c00:    0x6a    0x81    0x6e    0x30    0x81    0x6b    0xa1    0x03
0x803c06c08:    0x02    0x01    0x05    0xa2    0x03    0x02    0x01    0x0a
0x803c06c10:    0xa4    0x81    0x5e    0x30    0x5c    0xa0    0x07    0x03
0x803c06c18:    0x05    0x00    0x50    0x80    0x00    0x10    0xa2    0x04
0x803c06c20:    0x1b    0x02    0x4e    0x4d    0xa3    0x17    0x30    0x15
0x803c06c28:    0xa0    0x03    0x02    0x01    0x00    0xa1    0x0e    0x30
0x803c06c30:    0x0c    0x1b    0x06    0x6b    0x72    0x62    0x74    0x67
0x803c06c38:    0x74    0x1b    0x02    0x4e    0x4d    0xa5    0x11    0x18
0x803c06c40:    0x0f    0x31    0x39    0x37    0x30    0x30    0x31    0x30
0x803c06c48:    0x31    0x30    0x30    0x30    0x30    0x30    0x30    0x5a
0x803c06c50:    0xa7    0x06    0x02    0x04    0x1f    0x1e    0xb9    0xd9
0x803c06c58:    0xa8    0x17    0x30    0x15    0x02    0x01    0x12    0x02
0x803c06c60:    0x01    0x11    0x02    0x01    0x10    0x02    0x01    0x17
0x803c06c68:    0x02    0x01    0x01    0x02    0x01    0x03    0x02    0x01
0x803c06c70:    0x02

same uudecoded:

begin 644 /tmp/request


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