We will have to do some testing and see what happens.

I looked at the man page and this is what it says:

time of inactivity after which a slave is considered gone (default 5 min)

             time before server is considered lost (default 5 min)

This raises more questions than it answers:

For --time-lost does "server" refer to the slave or to the master?

What does the master do when it considers a slave "gone"?

What are the time units for those parameters (seconds, minutes, hours)?

On 5/15/2018 6:30 AM, Harald Barth wrote:

Should a properly configured replication setup be able to
automatically re-establish replication even after such long network
outage? Are there configuration options for ipropd-master/ipropd-slave
that need to be set to take into account long outages?

Have you found the time-missing, time-gone and time-lost options in the man 

However, I have seen that different versions had bugs which made it
not work anyway (you did not tell me your versions) and this
functionality is probably poorly tested.

My experience is that it's the best to wrap ipropd-* processes with
some nanny scripts which either restart automatically them or pull an
alarm (depending on your paranoia level) if they go missing.


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