When: Mar 7 - Mar 8, 2018 (yes, this was our first two-day hangout)

  - DMA interface
  - joinable fibrils discussion

DMA and caches: need to do cache maintenance before and after DMA, #720
IOMMU? (physical vs. IO virtual addresses for DMA)

  - Porting to Turris Omnia
    - boots without caches, looks like missing cache maintenance
  - autogen discussion, PR 23, ticket #28
  - Investigated Meson build system
  - removed almost all whitespace
  - #pragma once discussion
    - cons: it's non-standard
    - pros: it's de facto standard, it avoids typos in header guards,
            it avoids copy and paste header guards, it avoids name space
            clashes when mixing HelenOS and non-HelenOS code and
            it makes grepping easier

  - cstyle checker

  - generic thread: variadic arguments, modifiers
  - joinable fibrils
  - mutexes, recursive mutexes, timed mutexes

Writing new HelenOS components in C++ / Rust? Yes or no? Not entirely

  - merged USB 3.x branch
  - worked on noreclaimers branch
    - unresolved issue:
      - phones connected during ipc_cleanup survive due to a reference
        count from the target answerbox, are not destroyed with their
        task, but only when the other end slams them; will need to
        reintroduce some kind of list for these phones and ipc_cleanup
        will make sure it's empty
      - alternative: phones are basically not needed, they basically add
        a level of indirection between the capability and the answerbox;
        the capability can be directly pointing to the answerbox (with
        right that don't authorize receiving, only sending)
      - will most likely attempt both, i.e. first a task phones list and
        then get rid of phones altogether
    - observations:
      - current IRQ handling is broken: malicious unprivileged driver
        enables a level-sensitive interrupt and then does nothing, in
        particular it does not claim it in its IRQ code -> system is
      - multi-message requests are problematic: malicious client sends
        the first message and does nothing, in particular it does not
        send the rest -> the server waits for it as long as the client
   - GSoC
   - HelenOS (Kids) Camp 2018
       - Aug 25 - Sep 1
       - 14 (15!) beds
         Vila Ilona in Kovarska in Ore Mountains

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