- cstyle, sycek parses complete HelenOS sources
    - Added to Travis, make check
    - About 900 files that don't pass style check, mostly long lines
    - Found a bug in a list of strings on ia64
    - still some work to do

  - defended USB3 project
  - C++:
    - tuple almost complete
    - global static ctors and dtors (attribute constructor and destructor)
    - threading, synch primitives
    - still to do promise, futures, shared ptr

  - debugging Turris problem, put off
  - changes way how TLS is implemented so that standard linker scripts
    can be used
  - preparing helenos-* gcc and ld
  - slowly converges to replace make by meson
  - merged coastline facade

  - capabilities:
    - noreclaimers branch merged
    - improved connect_me_to and to_me: phone capability visible only
      after the phone is connected
    - type-safe capability handles
  - fixed two bugs in the hash table
  - fixed FAT12
  - fixes _aeabi_* compare functions, added _fcmple and f2lz
  - fixed a regression in sound
  - started working on answerbox capabilities / multiple answerboxes
  - working on virtio-net driver
  - tested QEMU 2.12.0-rc1

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