You will have to do that in the scanner using exclusive start states. When it meets blanks after a NUMBER or ID, it emits the SPACE token if the beginning of a number or identifier follows the blank(s):

[ \t]+/[a-z0-9]         BEGIN(INITIAL); return SPACE;
[ \t]+                  BEGIN(INITIAL);

On 12/02/2016 05:19 AM, Ricky Zhang wrote:
I have read through 'handling context dependencies' section Bison manual.
But I still haven't figured out the proper solution to my problem.

We have production rule:

expr : expr SINGLE_SPACE expr { /* some operation */ }
        | expr + expr

expr: NUMBER
       | ID

and also for all white space [SINGLE_SPACE | \t]* in the language should be
ignored. Are there any easy way to solve it?



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