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> Thanks for the response. For example, visit http://sphinx-doc.org/ in a
> web browser (Chrome in my case). Select the contents of the page and
> Copy. Now if you go to paste into MS Word or Libre Office and choose
> Paste Special, you will see one of the available formats is HTML. If you
> paste it you will get working hyperlinks. Now, pasting into emacs, you
> get none of that but only the literal text, as Emacs is using only the
> Text format of the clipboard. You can reproduce such a paste in
> LibreOffice if you choose Paste Special and then text format. So,
> Windows is offering up several formats on the clipboard at once. 

Actually, it's Chrome that's offering several formats, and
LibreOffice that knows how to handle the formats. Windows clipboard
makes that possible, as does X clipboard.

> I was wondering if any work has been done to access the other formats,
> like HTML, which as you say is all ASCII text. It would be super to
> paste such HTML into org-mode, for example, and have it just pick up
> the hyperlinks.

So the issue is how to get Emacs to understand how to request the set of
available formats from the clipboard, and how to select one. Also then
to present that list to the user.

Have you tried this on X windows? I would not be surprised if Emacs on X
understands multi-format clipboards.

-- Stephe

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