I have installed markdown-preview-mode-20171121.2323 from MELPA (not the 
stable...) and this installs also markdown-mode-20180124.138 and other 
packages. All this to be used with my Win64 builds of Emacs master using 

I tried to test this with a simple README.md file but both "M-x 
markdown-preview-mode" and Emacs menu/Markdown/Preview % Export/Preview (C-c 
C-cp) fail with

Error running timer: (user-error "markdown failed with exit code 1")

Notice, I have also installed the "markdown" package in MSYS2,

pacman -S markdown

... and 

(getenv "PATH")



I tried also adding this to the init.el

(setq markdown-command "C:/msys64/usr/bin/markdown")

but same results..


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