Hackathon might be a bit overstating the event, but an event it will be,
none-the-less. On Saturday, the 19th of January, Joel, Andrew, and I
will be collectively hacking on GNU GNATS with the following goals in

  * Clean up compilation on modern GCC compilers
  * Address Copyright attribution and GPLv3 updates
  * Commit any last minute, long-standing bugs
  * Cut the 4.2.0 version - which has been hanging out on CVS for years

We will likely be talking about future feature development, a new home
for the current GNATS database, and possibly switching from CVS to
Bazaar (GNU's official DVCS) or Git (my preference) - both supported by
Savannah. I will be signing GnuPG keys, since I've created a new key
recently and would like to retire my previous keys.

Please, consider joining us. If you have an important fix in mind before
4.2.0, let your voice be heard.

  IRC: #gnats on
  Time: 14:00-17:00 UTC (08:00-11:00 CST)


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