thanks Al and Guillherme for your simulation and GnuCap overview at Fosdem
yesterday in Brussels!

I think it might be interesting to experiment a bit more with circuits as
code, and for this I want to simulate some simple BJT based circuits (and
maybe compare to measurement with BJT 547 discrete transistors from Ebay).

Now, I was following the Hello World:

1) As next step I want to replace the resistor by a diode and see the I-V

For this input code:
gnucap> build
>Vd 1 0 10V
>D1 0 1 diode_dut
gnucap> list
Vd ( 1 0 )  DC  10.
D1 ( 0 1 )  diode_dut NA( 1.)
gnucap> probe op v(nodes)
D1: can't find: diode_dut

I get the error above.

2) How can I plot the the DC curves of the transistor ?

3) I think the Python based plot syntax of gnucap-python
https://github.com/henjo/gnucap-python looks interesting, or combined with
https://matplotlib.org/ maybe - but the Python plugin does not seem to work
with my current build.

Thanks for your help and feedback!

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