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> Hello ng0, hello list,
> Thank you for your thoughtful post. Please read my comments below.

Hi Jan again,

I think you also choose a bad time for your question, at the moment we
have massive oppression of free speech, Wikileaks, Manning, and not only
this people they go after many proffessional journalists, too.


So like also in this article mentioned we are at war with power. literly
war, not at least western countries physical wars but WW3 about
information and free speech and so on.

And we have prism and co total survalence woldwide police state.

So in times of war the priority is clear protect us from the
attacker. Its not really the time to get very picky with alied.

So of course you could put something into the faq, but the priority
should be to have a effective way to protect ourself from the attacker,
and thats hard enough to reach, maybe in better times in 10 years its
better to adress that.

I mean ok its not so much literal speech that is shared but more data
movies/pictures etc.

Lets say somebody shares a propagada video about isis, I still find it
questionable to try to cencor it. ( I know people like to use other
words for it, because if its good censoring you should use another word
but dont wordpick here). Its like banning drugs, yes certain drugs have
very bad effects on many people, still banning it is the wrong solution,
having education about it, and allow it so you can control it to some
point, is the better solution.

You will most likely make it even worse with the attempt to censor
it. you will never be perfect to censor the perfect right things and
only those, so people see ohh you bann that, even its something that
should not be banned, that makes people stopp believing you and then
such blacklist becomes the next wishlist for people.

Every child with 10 years now can watch porn on youporn as much as it
wants, do we see really bad problems, are this childs much worse than
previous generations? No.

Whatever you can argue about free speech and what is covered in that of
course, but you have to see that at least it cant have been the priority
to attack that issue.

I guess if gnunet would really become the basicly new internet for many
people and people would slender others on it with a real impact on their
lives, you should maybe have some mechanisms to prevent that.

But we are far away from it, as soon as something goes mainstream such
rules will enforced on them anyway. Or at some point it will be

But we are also far away from gnunet beeing mainstream if it ever will be.

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