Hello All,
I have 2 SATA disks in an Intel Matrix RAID setup. It contains two volumes, one 
in RAID1, the other in RAID0 configuration. These I created using the Option 
ROM of the motherboard,  partitioned using cfdisk, and finally assembled into 
RAID devices using mdadm v3.0.3. As such, I obtained the following devices:
/dev/md127 (the container to which /dev/md/imsm0 is pointing)
/dev/md126 (the RAID1 "Volume0" pointed at by /dev/md/Volume0)
/dev/md126p1 (the first partition intended to serve as the root fs)
/dev/md126p2 (intended for user space)
/dev/md126p3 (intended for swap)
/dev/md125 (the RAID0 "Volume1" pointed at by /dev/md/Volume1)
/dev/md125p1 (intended for user scratch space)
/dev/md125p2 (itended for swap)
(the long names came from mdadm v 3.0.3).
If I boot from my USB memory stick, and make a stop at the grub shell, I can 
see all these partitions listed as (hd1) (hd1,[123]), (hd2) and (hd2,[12]), 
while my USB stick comes up under (hd0) and (hd0,[12]). Therefore, I would dare 
to say that grub does detect these devices.
I tried to install grub 1.97.1 on /dev/md126 by countless ways without success. 
The command
$ grub-install --modules=raid /dev/md126 
for example returns the error message
$ grub-setup: error: no mapping exists for "md126"
The /boot/grub folder got created correctly, but the "device.map" file does not 
mention any virtual RAID devices. It reads:
(hd0) /dev/sda (SATA1)
(hd1) /dev/sdb (SATA2)
(hd2) /dev/sdc (USB flash memory stick)
which, by the way, does not resemble what the 
sh: grub> ls
command returns before booting (see the list described before).
Do I need to give up using "fake RAID" and turn to pure SW RAID to get the 
system up and running, or is there a way to install GRUB2 in this configuration?
Your help is much appreciated. Thanks ahead,
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