The linear least squares code was rewritten (I think prior to 2.0) so
its possible that the svd routine changed, but I don't remember exactly
what the change was! If there was an API change it should have been done
prior to 2.0 (which was the reason for jumping to 2.0 instead of 1.17).
Sorry for the headache you're having now - the behavior of
gsl_multifit_linear should be the same for both GSL versions - can you
just use that instead?

On 09/21/2016 08:10 PM, Timothée Flutre wrote:
> Hello,
> did gsl_multifit_linear_svd change at some point after GSL 1.16? I couldn't
> see any mention of it in the NEWS file, but a user reported to me that my
> code doesn't compile anymore with GSL 2.1.
> Could someone add this somewhere in the NEWS file?
> Moreover, does someone know how I can use conditionals with the Autotools
> (via ./configure) so that, if the user has GSL <= 1.16, the compiled code
> uses gsl_multifit_linear_svd whereas if the user has GSL >= 2.0 the
> compiled code uses gsl_multifit_linear?
> Best,
> Tim

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