yes, we don't have many debug statements in place, unfortunately. I guess partially it is to keep code short, but I personally like to have them in place in case debugging need arises.

Thanks for your additions! I had a quick look, and they seemed OK. I'll try to find time to incorporate those into master.


On 09.03.2018 19:04, Dominic Steinitz wrote:
Maybe this is not the correct mailing list but I have been debugging a failing 
set of ODEs. I notice that some methods have conditional DEBUG statements in 
them e.g. MSBDF but others don’t e.g. IRK2. I assume this is because MSBDF was 
added about 5 years after IRK2.

For my own purposes I have added conditional DEBUG statements to IRK2. Maybe 
other folks would also find this useful? If so I am happy to make a PR but it 
is not clear how I do so with https://savannah.gnu.org/git/?group=gsl (I am 
used to GitHub).

My version is here: https://github.com/idontgetoutmuch/gsl but I’ll probably 
delete my local copy.

Have a good weekend!

Dominic Steinitz
Twitter: @idontgetoutmuch


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