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> There is icedtea-3.1.0

That’s the problem: icedtea 3.1.0 cannot build the keystore, which is
why this build phase has been removed.

IcedTea (the free software build system for OpenJDK) doesn’t come with a
keystore by default and doesn’t try to generate it, so what we do in
Guix is to add a build phase in which a “cacerts” file is built from the
NSS certificate store and saved to “$jdk/jre/lib/security” and

For 3.1.0 this phase fails for unknown reasons, so I removed it.  This
means that 3.1.0 doesn’t have SSL support out of the box.  The two
previous versions however do, so if you want to avoid custom hacks I
encourage you to install 2.6.7:

    guix package -i icedtea@2.6


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