Chris Marusich writes:

> Hi,
> Reading Chris' report, I was inspired to try the same thing on EC2.  I
> don't know much about Linode or Rackspace, but I do know EC2.  I'm happy
> to report that I was successfully in creating a GuixSD EC2 instance.
> Here's what I did.  Essentially, all I wanted to do was run "guix system
> init" on the root device of an EC2 instance.  I accomplished that by
> running "guix system init" on a loopback device (on my laptop), copying
> the file which backed the loopback device onto an EC2 instance, writing
> the file to an EBS volume attached to the instance, and then replacing
> the EC2 instance's root EBS volume with the newly written EBS volume.

Wow, great!  Thank you for trying it, and documenting it :)

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