Hi Paul

Paul Dufresne writes:

> Ok, I was able to make a guix pull without compiling the 616 files.
> But I just done it again, and it seems to compile the full 616 files
> each time a commit is done...
> I think.

This is right — guix pull will download (now via git) the latest
available snapshot.  If that snapshot is identical to your current
snapshot, it will not compile anything, otherwise it will do a full
installation, which involves compiling all project files.

New snapshots are indeed created by people commiting to master.

Now that guix pull uses a git backend, it might be possible to move
towards a model whereby pull only recompiles files affected by the
missing commits (that would be leaves that have been changed, or the
file thas has been changed and all its dependents).  But that's me
speculating, not volunteering unfortunately…



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