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> On Tue, Feb 13 2018, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
>> That’s a misunderstanding.  All of the things in the “services”
>> field of
>> your operating-system configuration are “system services”, so
>> all of
>> them get updated.
> Should we think about changing the name for "system services"? The
> confusion with Shepherd services seems really easy to make. The
> Wikipedia article for GuixSD makes the same mistake, but I haven't
> had the chance to fix it yet. Maybe we should call them "system
> extensions", or "mixins", or something like that?

I would very much like to find a new term for them, because usually the
second thing I say about system services is that the naming is
unfortunate and collides with what people think is a shepherd service.

I’m not fond of “mixins” (this reminds me of the “traits”-like concept
in Ruby classes), nor do I really like “system extensions”, but I do
think that avoiding the naming conflict would be worth a bike-shed
discussion :)


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