Rutger Helling <rhell...@mykolab.com> skribis:

> Thanks for the replies. My use case is that I don't want to auto-start
> SDDM, since I usually start GNOME (Wayland) from the TTY. However there
> are certain cases where I want to start GNOME on X11, for which I do
> need SDDM.
> On systemd you can do "systemctl disable service", so I was wondering if
> there was an equivelant command in Shepherd. Removing the
> service entirely and reconfiguring every time I want to start SDDM
> isn't really what I'm looking for.
> I'll have a look at `auto-start?`. I think it would be nice if all
> services exposed this option.

Currently the simplest solution is to expose it for services where the
need is widespread.

Longer-term we may want a more generic mechanism like


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