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Hello. Can I remove old package versions and other builds? On the example of Icecat:

    252.1 MiB [          ] /5ym67s5vp1vmnc3y4ds4r3687vc3nl25-icecat-52.6.0-gnu1     252.0 MiB [          ] /360i9ca4gnm3rsjj8v43ih0j3mfrp40n-icecat-52.6.0-gnu1     246.8 MiB [          ] /kd0nnq3i0qarx4vqxcampxfj3igxn84h-icecat-52.3.0-gnu1

"guix gc" will delete all packages that are no longer required. Most probably that includes all Icecat installs except for the latest. However, if two users on the system have different versions of Icecat installed, both will be kept.

And the next question, is also about Icecat: version 52.6.0 was compiled from source. This is too long. Can I create binary package from this local installation?

In a sense you already have one, stored on your computer. So I guess your question is how you can use this binary package on a different machine, right? There are two answers to this question:

 1) If the other machine also runs Guix, the answer is "guix archive":


 2) If the other machine does not use Guix, have look at "guix pack":


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