Jone <> writes:

> Hello. Can I remove old package versions and other builds? On the example
> of Icecat:
>     252.1 MiB [          ]
> /5ym67s5vp1vmnc3y4ds4r3687vc3nl25-icecat-52.6.0-gnu1
>     252.0 MiB [          ]
> /360i9ca4gnm3rsjj8v43ih0j3mfrp40n-icecat-52.6.0-gnu1
>     246.8 MiB [          ]
> /kd0nnq3i0qarx4vqxcampxfj3igxn84h-icecat-52.3.0-gnu1
> (Or is it possible to remove a specific package, in "package-version"
> format?)

You can remove all unused packages with “guix gc”.  Individual store
items can be removed with “guix gc -d /gnu/store/…”.

“Unused” means that no profile generation refers to the item, so you may
want to delete old profile generations with “guix package -d” first.

> And the next question, is also about Icecat: version 52.6.0 was compiled
> from source. This is too long. Can I create binary package from this local
> installation?

After building it once from source you won’t have to build it again
until the dependencies to Icecat are modified.

Building Icecat does indeed take a long time.  The current version is
52.6.0-gnu1 and should be built by our build farms.  When you’re using
the latest version of Guix then you should be able to get a binary as
soon as the build farms have compiled that package.   Only if no binary
is available you will have to build it from source.


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