Thank you, Andreas and Oleg.

Aside of additional services, this seems to be the way to get Weston with a minimum of stuff installed:


(use-modules (gnu)
             (gnu packages freedesktop) ; for wayland
             (gnu packages xorg)) ; for xorg-server-xwayland
(use-service-modules networking)


  ;; Trying weston-launch as plain user: got told to either run it from
  ;; an active and local (systemd) session, or add the user to  weston-
  ;; launch. weston-launch needs to be created, first:
  (groups (cons (user-group (system? #t) (name "weston-launch"))

  (users (cons (user-account
                (name "thorwil")
                (group "users")
                (supplementary-groups '("audio"
                (home-directory "/home/thorwil"))

  ;; Globally-installed packages.
  (packages (cons* xorg-server-xwayland wayland weston %base-packages))

  ;; Add service to the baseline
  (services (cons* (console-keymap-service "de-latin1-nodeadkeys")
                   (simple-service 'etc-additions
(list `("inputrc" ,(plain-file "inputrc" "set bell-style none"))))
                   (gpm-service) ; mouse on the console


From my reading, the command to launch Weston outside of an X session is weston-launch. The first attempt led to a message about the "weston-launch" group. It would have been nice to have that taken care of automatically, though I don't see how that could happen in harmony with hand-edited configuration.

The next error: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set. https://wayland.freedesktop.org/building.html offers this script, which I used:

if test -z "${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}"; then
    export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp/${UID}-runtime-dir
    if ! test -d "${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}"; then
        mkdir "${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}"
        chmod 0700 "${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}"

So now "weston-launch" will lead to no (obvious) effect, except printing this one mangled line: "t it.org/wiki/Specifications/basedir-specis not set.n2-weston-3.0.0/bin/weston 2t=weston&version=3.0.0"

Specifying a TTY like "weston-launch -t 2" makes no difference, except for "7", in which case the whole system becomes unresponsive after an Alt-F7.

I tried with and without this ~/.config/weston.ini:



Any ideas? Success stories with any other Wayland compositor outside of Gnome?

Thorsten Wilms

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