Hi Martin,

Martin Castillo <casti...@uni-bremen.de> writes:

> Hi,
> not sure whether this belongs here, guix-devel or bug-guix.

I'd say bug-guix, since it's a feature request.  bug-guix (and
guix-patches) provide the Debbugs interface which is helpful to keep
track of the different issues.

> I'd like to be able to set AcceptEnv in sshd_config from config.scm.
> Currently, this option is not exported in openssh-configuration.

Souds like a good idea!

> General question: How does guixsd handle this? I think this is a general
> problem. Do we expect everyone who wants to configure something, that is
> not yet configurable, to patch guix themself or ask the others to do it?
> What about adding a field 'extraOptions' which is a simple string that
> is appended to the configuration file?

If you want to patch it yourself, feel free to send a patch!  That would
be great, and we'd happily review it.  Otherwise, I can do it if you
want, just let me know.

As for 'extra-options', many services already adopted this strategy.  It
is necessary when some parts of the configuration can't be contributed
to Guix (with the Prosody service, for example, some configurations are
specific to unofficial modules, so we can't contribute them).  I don't
think it is the case with SSH, and having an 'extra-options' field won't
encourage people to contribute the options they need.

However, we really want to give freedom to our users, so if you think
it's too complicated to contribute a new field, or if you don't have
time to wait for it to be added to Guix, that would probably be a good
enough reason to add an 'extre-options' field.


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