> Need wiki, not only Manual! :)

Awesome idea! Although I have been experiencing some bad moments with
wikis nowadays, specially since I don't have stable connection to the
Internet, that said, I must note that: manual is like a wiki, with added
benefit that:

a) manual is readable offline, while wiki needs internet;

b) wiki pages might *not* correspond to the version of your local copy
   of the software;

c) both wiki and manual allow contributions, but manual doesn't dictate
   that one has to do so through a web browser, you can even do so by
   sharing files through thumb drives, emails, forum posts,
   NNTP/netnews, whatever;

d) you don't have to have an account in any website to suggest
   contributions to current manual, you can send it to any member of
   project in any means of communication and transfer that the member has

In any case, both manuals and wikis allow contributions. If there is
something that needs change, then perhaps someone needs to send a patch
to improve the manual.

I hope this helps clarify things. :D

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