Pierre Neidhardt <ambre...@gmail.com> skribis:

> [[https://github.com/emacs-helm/helm-system-packages][Helm System Packages]] 
> is an
> interface to your system package managers.
> Highlights:
> - Helm "live" search of all packages.
> - Install / Uninstall a bunch of packages at once.
> - Explore dependencies recursively from the same Helm buffer.
> - Navigate the package files with Helm.
> - TRAMP support (it should work over the network).


Does it support the notion of non-root installs, per-user profiles, and
arbitrary profiles for Guix?

I’m asking because that’s a significant difference between Guix and the
other supported package managers.  PackageKit, for instance, provides a
package management abstraction that’s biased towards “traditional”
package managers and is inadequate for Guix.

> The overlap with guix.el is obvious, but I believe it makes the user
> experience a little smoother when it comes to common tasks.

You chose to interface with the command line.  I suppose this creates
less friction for an initial install compared to using Geiser and the
Scheme APIs of Guix, but that’s probably at the expense of expressive
power and control (I really like the rich interface that guix.el is able
to provide with this approach).

Anyway, cool stuff!  Now you need to make a package for it.  :-)


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