Marius Bakke <> writes:

> Pierre Neidhardt <> writes:
>> Clément Lassieur <> writes:
>>> Pierre Neidhardt <> writes:
>>>> vsftp:     Very Secure FTP daemon
>>>> Upstream URL:
>>>> (It seems that there is not a single FTP server on Guix.  Strange... Can 
>>>> anyone
>>>> recommend anything better than vsftp for file sharing?  Not necessarily
>>>> FTP.)
>>> There is SFTP, which is secure, and supported by GuixSD.  It's not FTP,
>>> and it runs over SSH.
>> My use-case is the following: share files with random people with
>> zero-configuration on their end.  Because FTP is supported by most web
>> browsers it is one of the most available options I think.
>> Any other suggestion?  There is Samba, but I'm not sure I'd like to dive
>> into that...
> I often start a HTTP server with `guix environment` for quick and dirty
> network sharing of the current directory:
> $ guix environment -C -N --ad-hoc python -- python3 -m http.server
> I suppose "wget" would be able to mass-download.

And there is 'woof' (packaged by Guix), it's a small HTTP server too,
very handy.  I use it very often at work to share files with my
collegues.  It serves the file only once unless specifed otherwise, and
'woof -U' provides an upload form, so that users can upload files
without having to install anything.  And it auto-tar directories.

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