I just ran a `guix system reconfigure` yesterday and Guix pulled Linux
4.16.1.  Upon reboot, my laptop's battery time had changed from 9h+ to
3h+!  Quite a dramatic regression indeed...

General usage (startup time, etc.) seems to be somewhat slower as well.

As a test, I ran another system reconfigure, changing only the kernel
version: now on 4.14.33, I'm back to 9h+.

Does anyone know something about this or should I reach out for the
Linux mailing list?

Note that before installing GuixSD, I was running Void Linux with kernel
~4.14.5 (off the top of my head) and battery time was 12h+.  This might
be due to the discrete Nvidia card which was completely shut off by
default, while it's now running with nouveau on GuixSD but I don't know
how to turn it off.


Pierre Neidhardt

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