Hello and congratulations for this great project from the ethical and
from the functional aspects of this work :-).

I am interested in learning Guix in order to help myself install Guix,
repair problems and to add packages which I need into the repository.
Sometimes learning has been slow for me because I have not been able to
find the information or the information that I have found has been too
difficult to understand for my level of knowledge.

The project needs contribution on: project management, art,
documentation, packaging, programming, system administration,
testing/reporting, translation as per
https://www.gnu.org/software/guix/contribute/ . Users need help with
installation, reporting/repairing errors, packaging.

I think it would be very useful for Guix users and for the Guix project
to feed the help users can provide the project with the help that other
users and the docs can give them. Is there a web page which will guide
users in the process of solving their issues and by the way contributing
to Guix? If there is not and is considered useful, I could contribute on
this or on whatever could be suggested.

Ĝis revido,

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