Hi Trond,

I think you refer to

$ src/idn ï.no
idn: tld_check_4z (position 0): Code points prohibited by top-level domain

Well, you are still using IDNA 2003 tools while those have been
obsoleted by IDNA 2008 a long time ago. Most registrars (as far as I
know) moved to IDNA 2008 and thus are using libidn2 / idn2.

$ idn2 ï.no

Libidn / idn (IDNA 2003) is in "maintenance mode", so we only do bug
fixes here. Please consider moving to libidn2 / idn2. If there are
problems doing so, feel free to get in touch again for further discussion.

Regards, Tim

On 24.03.20 19:41, Trond Haugen wrote:
> Hi,
> A good while ago we added the char 'i with umlaut', (e.g. ï / 00EF ) to
> our .no permitted TLD-characters.
> Ref. https://www.norid.no/en/om-domenenavn/regelverk-for-no/#link3
> It would be nice if someone could add that character to the .no
> TLD-table so it is included in future libidn-versions.

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