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> I downloaded 3.2.90 gst to my Windows system and found gst-mode.el and
> smalltalk-mode.el.
> Both are pretty old.
> When I run M-x gst it prints "GNU Smalltalk ready" line, but when I
> evaluate code with smalltalk-doit commands it displays no output in the
> *gst* screen.

I have never used emacs nor the smalltalk bindings. Is this a regression?

> I guess gst has been inactive for some time, but those of you who still use
> it, what editors do you use for REPL style development

the last months I was busy with a new job. What blocks 3.3 are the deadlocks
of GST Browser when debugging. Maybe you are interested in helping out or we
look at porting some of Pharo's remote debugging? Or just release 3.3 with a
debugger that can dead-lock?


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