Hi Sergey,

> I canot reproduce this. Can you give some more detail about your use
> case? What options do you use together with --remove-files? Is anything
> special about the directories you are archiving (or the filesystem they
> reside on)?

The directories that I have tried archiving have little in common
except they usually contain mildly to moderately long paths. For
example, "x/x/x/x/x" is where the warning might occur, where the last
x typically is a folder name rather than a file name. Probably more
importantly, I have been running GNU Tar habitually on NTFS
partitions, considering that I have a shared partition that I use with
Windows 10 and Arch Linux on two different PCs. As far as I know,
using either Arch Linux or Cygwin results in the same behavior on NTFS
file systems.

I don't use any other options besides --remove-files. So, I might use
'tar --remove-files -cf foo.tar foo_folder'.

Do you think I may have discovered a bug here? Or is this expected GNU
Tar behavior?

Thank you,

Timothy Beryl Grahek

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