Looking at the Gettext message catalogs (PO files) for "texinfo" and
"texinfo_document" translation domain, I notice that from some languages
they where translated using texinfo's syntax for special characters,
instead of using UTF-8. So, for example, Brazilian Portuguese translation
of "texinfo_document" has the string "Function" as "Fun@,{c}@~{a}o",
instead of "Função" (see here

Normally, a PO file accepts UTF-8 and other charsets. I just don't know how
it works for specifically texinfo. If UTF-8 is preferable, then I'll
contact the translator about it.

My question: What is the correct for special characters in texinfo's PO
files - to use texinfo's syntax, or to use UTF-8 (or whatever charset)?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Rafael Fontenelle

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