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> Thanks for fast response. I removed the last line (transient mark mode)
> from ~/.zile file without success. I also tried on my personal computer
> with debian jessy with the same result. I tried to get some basic syntax
> highlighting but can not prepare zile to read it's init file.
​Please can you explain what you expect to happen, and what happens instead?

Zile does not do syntax highlighting (where did you get the idea that it

> I also don't have /usr/share/zile directory (as it is written in man
> page). I found dotzile.sample example at /usr/share/doc/zile.
​Thanks,​ that's a bug in the man page.

> Does it exists a little more thorough documentation about zile? I can't
> find it on web.
​No. It's a strict subset of Emacs, so you can use Emacs documentation. You
can see from the list of variables and functions what subset of features is
supported by Zile.​

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